Thursday, September 14, 2006

Sugar and Horses!

Please see my prayer request for Asher below!

Hello everyone! It has been a while since my last post; I apologize. Life has been quite busy here in vicarland. Last friday I had a 5-6th grade lock-in, which was a blast. I think next time we should put a limit on the sugar intake though! Then after the worship services on Sunday I went horseback riding with the senior high youth. This was my first time ever horseback riding, and let me tell you I was nervous! Thankfully, I had the most lazy horse of the bunch. All Domino wanted to do was eat! I had to keep grabbing the reigns and pulling his head up, poor thing. If I didn't have all these other horses trailing after us, I would've stopped to let him eat in peace! I have two more horseback riding trips coming up; I hope my comfort will continue to grow.

Other than that, I have been attending lots of meetings and Bible studies. I've also gone to a ministerium meeting, with Pastors from other denominations in the area. I did some visitation by myself and have had LOTS of paperwork! There are so many things involved with ministry that we don't always realize. Pastors are definitely busy people! At the end of the week, I will have done almost 70 hours of work. The average I have been putting in is close to 50. One thing I know I will learn this year is how to balance work and self-care.

Thank you for checking in! Sometime in the next few days I should have my new verizon DSL hooked up, so I will be able to add pictures! I also promise that with having faster internet connection, my updates will be more frequent.

-Vicar Laura

Happy Prayer Vigil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Please be in prayer RIGHT NOW! The doctor is talking about possibly taking Asher OFF the vent within the next few days. He said not to get too excited (is he kidding?) but they are going to try. PLEASE BE IN MAJOR PRAYER that not only they try the transition, but he is able to stay off the vent. Before they can wean him off the vent, his oxygen, which has been in the 50's and 60's lately, needs to come down. After the vent, he will be on CPAP, which typically is short term. After that he will be put on nasal cannula. Please pray CPAP is merely a short term deal, and Asher is able to get onto nasal cannula quickly.
Also, they are going to try and get him on full feedings at the same time. This would mean no more lipids or TPN. Please pray he is able to handle full feedings. After the Vent, CPAP, and full feedings happen, all we would probably need is bottle feedings.
We are cautiously optimistic about all of this. These are major transitions for our little monkey, so please pray he is able to handle it like the champ he has always been! Thank you, faithful followers. Please spread the word to all your prayer chains, families, friends, etc. Praying for a productive week!!!!!!!!
Aunt Laura, Mommy,Daddy, Grandmas, Grandpa, Aunties, Cousins, etc

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Here's a link to another baby who is fighting for her life.