Monday, September 04, 2006


Woo hoo, I made it through my first sermon at the church! We have three services, one Saturday night and two Sunday morning so I had many opportunities to refine everything. Praise God, it went really well. Lots of great feedback from both the parishioners and Pastors. Tuesday I meet with one of my supervisors to go over everything in detail. Aside from this, everything is continuing to go wonderfully. I'm almost completely moved in (only dial-up internet still) and am settling into a routine. The church has been keeping me hopping and I truly feel it is where I am supposed to be. This week will be really busy, with a lock-in, horseback riding trip, hospital visits, a funeral, and several other normal church activities. I am hoping Wednesday morning I will be able to go to the sewing circle! Thank you, as always, for checking in and especially for your prayers. Again, I hope within the next couple weeks I will have a faster internet connection so I can get pictures up.

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Wylie Williams said...

WoW!! Sure all enjoyed your sermon!! Praying that you have a wonderful time in your new home and God blesses you in all you do.
Waiting for your next sermon!!!
Katelyns MomMom