Friday, November 30, 2007

The Joy's of PT

I don't know about the rest of you, but I think physical therapists find extreme joy in their work. It seems the more pain your in, the more their excitement rises. Makes you wonder, doesn't it?!

In case you haven't guessed, I began physical therapy today. It is my second go around, the other was before my first foot surgery. Thankfully, the PT was a really nice guy and was surprisingly gentle today. Although my foot hurts more this time around, the PT was actually easier!

I know as time goes on, he will get more aggressive. Today was more of an assessment to see where I am at. I was pleased to find out I am actually way ahead of the game! He told me my range of motion is where people typically are in week four (i'm only 2 1/2 weeks out), which is great.

The biggest struggle I will be facing is all the scar tissue. After two surgeries, there is a ton of it. Walking is by far the hardest thing to do; it feels like i'm walking on marbles and my big toe does not like to move. Hopefully if i'm aggressive enough, i'll work through it in no time!

Other than that, i'm in the midst of the last couple weeks of classes. Although i'm escatic at the idea of being done for the semester (1 more to go!), i'm so nervous about getting everything done. I've had to take extensions on some work, which I hate. It makes it so much more intense to make up the work plus the other things that are due. I know i'll get through it, I just have to pick at it one paper at a time.

This monday is the big day in regards to the call process. My paperwork for call/assignment is due into the ELCA headquarters in Chicago. The papers are very intense and have really forced me to look at my call, skills, and theology. I'm excited to have this done and in the office. In case your wondering, this is my resume type paperwork. Part of it goes to the Bishops during my assignment to a region and then synod; the other part goes out to churches that consider me for call. Pretty intense/exciting stuff!

Alright, speaking of all of that, I should probably get to it! Thank you for all of the comments to my last post. Sometimes I really wonder if i'm just talking to myself. If I am, that's okay. Writing really is therapeutic!

Here is a picture of my foot as it looks now. I hope it doesn't gross anyone out. Some have been curious and asked to see. As I aim to please, here it is! The swelling and bruising is really down a lot; you should've seen it two weeks ago!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Goodbye Boot!

Whew, surgery is OVER! I had my foot surgery two weeks ago, and am finally starting to get back to normal (well...somewhat). I was quite surprised at how painful the first week was. Honestly, I was not prepared in the least. The first few days it felt like the entire foot was on fire. After doubling the pain meds, I felt much better. *smile*

It turned out that there was much more in my foot than expected. My doctor was shocked to find I had not one but two neuromas in my left foot. To top it off, they were two of the biggest neuromas the doctor had seen all year.

The bone spur on the joint of my big toe was about 1/4 inch thick. He said they basically fractured my big toe and then cut off spur. I have to say this has been the roughest part of the recovery.

So, aside from the scars from my last surgery, I have three lovely new incisions: one is around 2 inches long, the other two about 1inch each. My foot looks like it has been through one tough battle. I still have quite a bit of pain, tingling, shocking feelings, and swelling. Then of course I have the permanent numbness. I am adjusting and I think not having the boot will help with this. I am so glad it is over.

My doctor is very, very happy with the progress made already, and thinks I will feel a whole lot better once all the healing has occurred. I am so blessed to have him as my surgeon and that everything has been taken care of. Hopefully, this is the last of my surgeries and I will be back to the gym, snowtubing, and long battlefield walks very soon.

Thank you for all your prayers, emails, and support. I apologize it took so long to update. I'm in the middle of finals, so it has been hard to balance my recovery, papers, and updates!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Hooray for Future Happy Feet!

Cutie Patootie Katharina peering off the couch

Hooray, I have a surgery date! I'll be sliced and diced on November 12th, only a mere 11 days from now. It is exciting and nerve-racking all at the same time.
Thankfully, the surgeon is an amazing person and is reworking his schedule just to fit me in. They had no openings until January, which will not be a good month for me school wise. What a blessing this doctor is; I will forever be grateful for the generosity he has shown towards me throughout this process.
This week has been a jam packed one. We had Luther Colloquy at Seminary, which is a day long seminar on Luther's theology. Honestly, I never really get into the lectures, but the socializing is great! We had so many of my old friends here who have graduated or are on internship. It was great to forget about school, feet, and call papers for a couple days and just enjoy the company. That, accompanied with school and surgery scheduling stuff made for a fun week!
Alright, it is time to cut this blog a bit short and get to bed. I've been doing the "stay up till 2am" gig a few nights too many and need to get back to a real schedule (wow, do I sound old). The next 11 days will be crazy with doctor appointments and trying to work ahead in classes. Probably shouldn't be writing call/assignment papers and exegeticals while i'm on happy drugs!