Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Hello friends!

Wow, so many questions; thought i'd better hop on here and answer them! First, the green duck is Captain Squirt. He was actually found by some of my seminary friends while doing Katrina relief. He now travels with different students throughout our country and soon the world! I took him with me to Maine a few weeks back and he is now with me in Oklahoma. On Saturday he will fly with me once more to Seattle!

As for internship, I will be headed out to a town near Altoona, north of Gettysburg I think. I am very excited to experience another part of Pennsylvania and to really grown in my skills. Thanks for checking in and I will post more soon! Oh, and please keep Joey's family in your prayers, as well as all of Asher's friends.


Laura K. said...

H. is NW of Gettysburg

Sharon Townsend said...

This is Trey's Aunt. Please add Trey to your prayer list. He has just been admitted to Riley Children's hospital in Indianapolis with a temp of 103.5. They have done cultures to see where this is coming from, but because of chemo his immune system can't fight an infection. I will keep Asher in my prayers too. I check in on him every day. Thanks, Laura. I feel like I know you! P.S. You have his caring bridge site already.
Sharon Townsend