Thursday, August 10, 2006

Oh How Life Changes!

Seminarian friend Kelley (on right) and I at the Ocean in Maine!

Well, I am finally getting the finishing touches done on my move. It is amazing how much one can accumulate in only two years! I am surprised at how emotional it has been moving from the seminary campus. The last 2 1/2 years here has been incredibly life changing. I am actually, finally, on my way to internship.

For those who are a little confused as to what internship will entail, let me give you a very brief overview. During the next 12 months, I will have many of the same responsibilities as the Pastors (it is a husband/wife co-pastor team) yet am under their supervision. The only real difference is I am not ordained and am a student and there for educational purposes. I will have a committee that will meet with me monthly to discuss how things are going and to evaluate me. I will preach at least once a month, do visitations, Bible studies, various classes, retreats, and so on. I will also assist (not preside) in baptisms, funerals, etc. What a year it will be!

This Sunday I will leave for Oklahoma to visit Heather, Adam, and Asher. I will stay there a week then fly out to Seattle for a visit with other family and friends. Please pray for safe flights (especially with all that is going on) and for a wonderful vacation!


Laura K. said...

What days will you be in Seattle?--the other Laura

Anonymous said...

Very nicely done. Your very wicked step-mom. Sorry Vicar!

Anonymous said...

where will you be doing your internship?

Sherry G...Minnesota said...

Ok...What is the deal with the green duck??? I saw him in almost all the pictures, sometimes he was LARGE and sometimes he was small. Just curious...Good Luck with your internship and being ordained as a pastor, what a BIG step in your life. God Bless. ~~Sherry~~

Nhi said...

Give Asher a big kiss for me. He is too precious! Thanks for all the prayers for Devin.

Anonymous said...

Have enjoyed your recent e-mails and this Blog. Will keep tabs on the site from time to time. God bless your journey where ever it takes you. Carol in Psg.