Wednesday, January 31, 2007

A REAL Update!

I know, it has been quite a while since I posted a real update. So, I will take a few moments now to recap you on all of my exciting adventures this last month!
As most of you know, I went to visit cute little Asher and his family in Oklahoma in mid-January! Even with all the flight delays related to the ice storm and then later a mechanical, it was a wonderful visit and I am so glad I was able to do it.
Over the last couple of months, I have been planning a mid-week children's program called "Faithweaver Friends", created by Group Publishing. We are doing a trial run March-May at the church to see how it goes. It is the hope of the Pastors and I that it will be able to continue next year. This could only be done if it was solely run by the congregation. So, I am trying to make it so I have a very small role in it during the program so they get comfortable enough to continue it later. Please pray it goes well. It has been a lot of work getting it together, but I think it is such an amazing program that would be so good for the kids and adults. So far I have about 20 volunteers. Registration begins this Sunday for the kids.
Next week I am taking some High School kids to the seminary in Gettysburg for a campus visit. Although seminary is a graduate program, if the kids are truly interested in seminary, they can begin preparing now by entering a college track that prepares them for seminary. This would be a major step up for them and would make seminary a lot less scary! My undergraduate in Christian Education was so helpful in my seminary education and is even more helpful now in the parish. All of the kids I am taking are amazing and it is so evident God is calling them into some form of parish ministry.
So, other than that things are pretty normal around here. My cats and I have been enjoying the snowfall we are finally getting. I'm telling you, it was really beginning to feel like Spring! Now it is much more normal with temperatures averaging in the teens and snow on the forecast for each day. We love it!
Please be in prayer as the Pastors are going out of the country for two weeks. Please pray for their safe travels and for me and the congregation. I'm both nervous and excited about being on my own. This will be great preparation for when they go sabbatical for a month.


Dawn said...

Hey Laura! It's me, Dawn, one of the many who love to keep up with sweet little Asher, his parents, and his special auntie Laura, and all the other people you have so lovingly added to your site to help people connect!

I have a special request... Could you please add a sweet little boy named, Dylan, to your site. I have received an email from his aunt--she would love to have people stop in to check on her little nephew who is fighting cancer. I'll be sending you more info, too, via email, as she is working hard to get awareness out there about childhood cancer and had a request I wondered if you could help out look for an email from me soon!

Dylan's caringbridge site is visit/dylankibby

Also, I want to let you know I think it is exciting that you are going to be on your own with the church...I'm sure you will do great!!! God bless!!!

Anonymous said...

Here is another child who could use your prayers:

Sharon said...

Hi Laura,
You're doing such a great job with as busy as you are! Thanks for all you do for little children! I hope your head is feeling better by now!
I just wanted to let you know that Kate Madigan and her family could use some extra prayers this month. She has completed her experimental treatment for neuroblastoma and at the end of this month she will be receiving some scans to see if her cancer is gone. Her parents are very nervous, but they are Godly people and know that this is in God's hands. However, it would be great if you could ask everyone to say an extra prayer for them this month and maybe drop by her website and leave a word of encouragement. Kate is feeling very well, so maybe that's a good sign. ( I also had a dream about her as a teenager the other night!- Is that maybe a sign from God?)
Also, just to let you know my nephew, Trey is doing very well right now, other than a bad day with his chemo yesterday. Isn't it great to be an Aunt to a miracle? ( Actually, I have more neices and nephews, and they are all miracles!)
Thanks again for all you do!
Sharon Townsend

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I couldn't get my comment to publish on the other site so I thought I'd try here.

Prayer request for Alan Stewart, a father goign through cancer treatment and preparing for a stem cell transplant. He has had only a few comments on his site and really needs to be lifted up in prayer.

Thank you!

Calliope said...

Good post.