Tuesday, October 03, 2006

A Very Proud Aunty

I typically don't use this journal to update on Asher, as he does have his own very popular website, but I am so proud I can't help myself. He has made such strides in the last couple of weeks, with going from the vent to CPAP and lowered oxygen levels. And now, today, he took his first try at nasal cannula and did amazingly well. He also had his first bottle, and was able to take in 5cc's. What an amazing child. I am so ready to hop on a plane! I cannot wait to go down to Oklahoma for his homecoming; I know it will be very soon!

Okay, so now onto vicar life! Thank so much for all your prayers regarding the funeral. It went amazingly well. The family was so gracious towards me and offered such words of encouragement. In some ways, it was almost more like they were ministering to my needs than the other way around. I guess God was using all of us to be there for each other; what a gift.

This weekend I also preached for the second time at this congregation. I felt a little uneasy about my sermon, as I had very little time to write it. It seems God always takes the sermons I think are awful and turns them towards good, as the congregation thought it was wonderful. One area I really need to work on is trusting in the words God has given me in the sermons.

Alright, I am off to go and work on my amazon wishlist. I keep forgetting how close Christmas is getting! I can't wait to get my tree up!


Billie said...

Hi Laura. I read your comment on my blog and wanted to say that I check in on Asher almost every day. I'm so glad to see him making progress with the breathing! Tell Heather to keep her chin up. It's such a long arduous journey, being a preemie parent. But the rewards in the end are well worth it. You are all in my thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Dear Laura

I was given your site from a friend. We are so excited about Ashers great strides! We have been down the journey 9 years ago when our twins were born at 26 weeks- three months too early on a wing and a prayer. The support you give your family is awesome! I wrote a song about our preemies experience "On a Wing and a Prayer".My favorite saying is "Dynamite comes in small packages!"
God Bless
The Smiths

Sue said...

Hi Aunt Laura:
I tried to comment on Asher's site but for some reason can't get in to do that. I want you to know I have followed Asher for some time and his twin Angel Brother Jacob. I keep them very close to heart and am delighted to see that Asher seems to have turned the corner and may be able to head home one day soon so that they can become a one home family. You have been the most supportive Aunt they could ask for. I was so sorry to hear that all of you have received emails and comments that are inappropriate. I have a blog and one entry I felt that way to the point I thought I might discontinue this and then after a few days of thinking I decided to disregard and know those people are not worth my thoughts. Just know there are many people out here pulling for little Asher and praying for your family who have been through so much. All my love.