Thursday, October 12, 2006

Missing Home

This is a picture of my "little" sister Jamie, stepmom Patty, and I at Pike Place Market during my trip home in August. As usually happens during this time of year, I am beginning to miss home a bit. I think it is related to the upcoming holidays. Thankfully, I will go home for thanksgiving and then have family come out for Christmas. I can't wait!

Things have been slowing down some regarding work. Part of me is elated, the other part doesn't know what to do! This is the first time things have really slowed down enough for me to rest a bit and reflect on how life has changed so much in the last 6 weeks. Well, if I really look back, how things have changed in the last six months! Becoming an Aunty to two beautiful boys, losing Jacob, walking out on my job, going to Oklahoma, going to Maine, going BACK to Oklahoma, then Seattle, and finally, my move to Hollidaysburg. I cannot believe how much has happened in such a short period of time. It all seems so surreal.

Off to Bible Club! Till next time...

-Vicar Laura

By the way, I absolutely hate moving Asher's friends to the Angel section. Please keep Jake's and Caleb's family in your prayers. I also added some more angels. It takes some time to add new names, so I am doing it in spurts. Please be on the lookout for more new names in the near future.


Sue said...

Aunt Laura
All those things individually are stressful can't even imagine all those things combined. Sometimes God gives us some restful time to reflect and know what we are doing at the moment are right. Because my mom is sooooo far away from where I am and I miss her soooo much I try not to think about it because when I do I get sad. However, I try to marvel on the great gift of love and friendship God has given me with my mom and am greatful I can call her each and every day and I do. So sometimes God give us that feeling of "Missing Home" to remind us how great we have it and how absolutely grateful we should be. Take care and prayers to the best "Auntie" in the world.

Heidi McNulty said...

Please keep Matty in your prayers today?
He had his arm amputated today.

my4kids said...

I am not sure where most people leave messages for you but I have been following Asher and ^Jacobs^ website for awhile now and was wondering if you could please add another little boy to your list for people to pray for his name is Gage
pls read the news about him that just came out last night He is an Ewings survivor who has just been diagnosed with AML and is needing a bone marrow transplant with in the month as the it is resistant to chemo.

Wylie Williams said...

Thank you sooo much for sharing your sermons with us. I enjoy them and enjoy hearing about your new life and how God is blessing you.keep up the good work. Thank you for keeping Katelyns name on your site. Please add another little boy to your site as he and his family have just been told his Leukemis has returned and he will need a transplant when he goes in remission. They really need encouragement right now.The site Thank you for being such a wonderful Auntie Too.Katelyns MomMom