Thursday, March 26, 2009

Hi/Lo Thursday

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For months now, i've been looking at all these cool options for things to write about on my blog. Nothing really ever stood out for me as I didn't feel the options really applied to my life. I mean truly, my is pretty mundane at the moment (praise God). Yet, I do have hi's and lo's so figured i'd give this a shot! We'll see how well I keep up with it. *smile*

HI: I am so escatic to say that Jamie, my sister, is coming into town today. She will be here for a month long visit. Being so far away from family can be very difficult. I've always been very close to them and living on the other side of the country is not ideal. I certainly feel called to minister in central PA but it does come with sacrifices. I miss being able to eat dinner with them, go to movies, have Sunday morning breakfast... all of those normal things we so often take for granted.

I love the fact that Jamie is able to take off so much time to visit. A week, two just isn't enough to really see one another. I love that with these long visits we don't have to pile all the fun stuff into a short period of time. We can be normal, have our space, and enjoy each others company. Plus, she can take my dog out on walks to give me a break! Always a gift.

We have so many fun activities planned while she is here. I'm excited she will be here for Holy Week to celebrate Easter with me. We are planning on going to a musical and are also going to try and fit a couple overnight camping trips in. My work schedule is packed, but with lots of fun activities she can join in on. This is definitely my high of the week. Please pray for safe travels for Jamie today. She is going through Colorado which is expecting a major snow storm. May she be blessed with a safe flight and a speedy trip.

LO: It is hard to come up with a Lo when i'm so excited to have Jamie coming in. I guess for this week it would be my headaches. I've struggle with chronic headaches since I fractured my jaw as a child. When I had the car accident in January my back and neck were affected and now the headaches are much stronger. Chiropractic care has helped, but they are currently out of town. It's been a week since I saw them and my head is reacting. I'm praying my neck calms down and i'm able to enjoy this weekend of ministry and time with my sister.

Alright, there is my HI/LO for the week! Hopefully i'll remember each thursday to do this; it was kind of fun!


Denise said...

How totally fun to see your sister and to have her there for so long! I know living in Washington was wonderful for me -- except for the missing family part. (That's why I moved back to Utah. :)

Sorry to hear you're having headaches and neck pain. We had that after a car accident, and it wasn't fun! I hope your chiropractor and prayers get you healed. I didn't know you fractured your jaw ... so much about you to learn ... :) At least blogging is helping some, just like you mentioned.

Have an AWESOME time together. Watch a few chick flicks, play hard, and make sure to have one full day in jammies ...

Sue said...

I too have been struggling with my blog and keeping it up (in fact I haven't kept it up at all). I truly like this Hi/Lo idea however, I don't know if I would do it. I am totally glad you did it though.
I know about missing family. Here I am in Washington with my husband and youngest daughter and his family. My family is all in Arizona; oldest daughter and her family, my mom and brother and his wife. I see them on an average once or twice a year -- it is the pits. Your right one/two weeks max are not enough. So a Month enjoy because you know how fast time flys. We just watched an awsome movie "August Rush" and if you haven't seen in you will love it and so will your sister.
Have a awsome time together.

bexx said...

My high - my daughter is still in Fargo and helping with sandbagging.

My low - Praying that the dikes hold and the Fargo/Moorhead area stays safe!

I urge everyone to pray for Fargo/Moorhead!!!

Debbie said...

Hey Laura, just wanted to ask a question, I have been following Asher's website since right after he and Jacob were born and lately I can not get to their website anymore, can you tell me how to pull it up again. Thanks and how is their family doing? Thanks Debbie

the Thomas team said...

Just checking in on you, you sweetheart. God bless you! Take care!

the Thomas team Mom (Angela, Christi's Mom)