Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Can't quite explain it

Today I spent the afternoon delivering poinsettias to the shut in's at one of my congregations. This is something I had been looking forward to and enjoyed it so much. They really have wonderful stories to tell and tremendous wisdom to share.

What was odd is that as I went along, this burning sensation started under my nose and on my left eyelid. It got worse and worse and now as I sit here it is driving me insane!!!!

I'm assuming I may have an allergy to poinsettias? Is that possible and would these be "normal" symptoms? I'm totally baffled...

Please, share your thoughts and home remedies. At this point, i'll try anything!!!


Sue said...

I would take benedryl right away if you have not already. Also hot wash cloths on the eyes help as well.

bexx said...

Make sure you wash your hands and anything else that might have come in contact with the plants. Yes, Benedryl is a good thing to use asap. If your throat feels funny, get to the ER right now!

Brown Family said...

Okay, I'm reading this a few days later, so I'm hoping you ended up okay?

Note to self: Don't ever send Laura poinsettias!