Monday, October 13, 2008


Hello friends,

I am here! The foot is doing much better; still swollen some and a bit sore, but is healing really well.

Life has been very chaotic lately. Some good, some not so good. I wish I could share every little detail with you all but I cannot. Life has thrown many surprises that are forcing me to grow much faster than I anticipated. I am learning a lot and hope that I can take this part of my life journey and learn from it. I do not believe God causes bad things to happen, but I do know that God can always use them for good.

With that said, I ask that you would please pray for me, as right now I could really use them.

Thank you all for your faithful support; you are truly wonderful.


bexx said...

I definitely will be praying for you!

Brown Family said...

We just had a lesson today at church about weathering the storms of life. Remember that everything will work together for good as we keep our faith in God. It's like we're rough stones he's got to polish along the way so we're ready to return to Him.

Good luck with everything! We look forward to updates.