Monday, May 05, 2008

We're Gonna Graduate!!!!

Yup, it's really going to happen! Grades were turned in for seniors at noon today. I recited a Psalm in class this afternoon which was the very last assignment EVER other than continuing ed stuff. AND, I just picked up my cap and gown for graduation (as seen demonstrated by Katy)!!!

This is my third graduation and by far the most exciting. The difference between this verses High School and College graduation is I actually believe it is the end! The possibility of my doctorate will always hang in the air, but financially and time wise I doubt that will ever happen. I have learned though never to say never, as God does enjoy a good laugh. :)

Family is flying in this Thursday evening from Seattle and graduation is Friday at 1:30pm. Saturday I then drive up to my possible future home for a meet and greet with the congregation. Sunday I will return there to preach and have the final call vote! Things are happening right and left, and I can say all i'm doing right now is walking around with a BIG smile!

Alright, I am off to do a bit of cleaning. Hope you are all doing well and be on the lookout for more exciting news! This next week I should be able to tell you where I moving and when!!


Sue said...

Katy looks great in the cap and gown but I think you will look better plus probably deserve it a bit more. I am excited for you that you followed God's call right to the bitter end. Look forward to knowing where your future will lead you. God Bless :)

Paul & Denise said...

CONGRATS on your graduation. My youngest sister Becky just finished her last finals and is celebrating as well ... although she has one more year of pharmacy school doing "rounds."

So glad the call process is almost over, too, so you can get settled and get to work. I hope you enjoyed having your family visit.

Your trip to Disneyworld sounds awesome. I think I need to do that with my siblings, but with 8 of us it might be a little harder to plan. :)

Can't wait for more details ... and a graduation picture!