Saturday, October 27, 2007

School, Cranky Foot, and a Moody Cat to Boot!

Well, I am finally over half way done with my second to last semester (not that i'm counting or anything). It is amazing how I went from actually being excited to be in class to being overwhelmed with senioritis all in about a couple weeks. This is the third bout of senioritis I have had in life, and I am ready to NEVER have it again. Eight years of college is more than enough for this lady!

Speaking of senioritis, I think it has actually spread to the cats. Melanchthon, the lovely kitty cat above, is becoming extremely moody. It actually seems like he is more than done with the campus life. The break outs from our room are becoming more frequent and he likes to hang out at the fire doors, planning a real escape. To top it off, he is actually beating on Katharina for no apparent reason! She will be lying around, minding her own business, and he will just come up and whap her on the head! What a little beast. He may look cute, but he is definitely not Mr. Innocent.

In the midst of this fun-filled semester of courses, call/assignment papers, and the upcoming Approval interview in Anchorage, my annoying left foot is getting more and more cranky by the day. For those who do not know, I had decompression surgery in July for Morton's Neuroma (tumor-like substance wrapped around the nerve). The surgery failed miserably to say the least. My foot is so cranky that even as I sit here typing there is a pulse throbbing right in the ball of my foot. It seems there is either always a dull ache, electrice shocks, or the pulse. I kinda prefer the dull ache!

So, this semester I will be having yet another surgery. All of the conservative treatments i've had since last February have not worked, so I will be having the part of the neuroma with the tumor on it removed, along with a bone spur on the joint of my big toe. This bone spur has also been quite painful, so let's chop that sucker off too.

I really hope all of this helps, as I don't want to be dealing with this problem during graduation time and my first call. I miss being active so much. This foot thing has made me a big ole blob. I can't even walk to class without the foot bothering me. There are so many things that are way worse than this, and I am very grateful to be an overall healthy 27 year old. I think the best thing about this thing is it has helped me see how truly blessed we healthy people are to be able to do the everyday things. Not being able to walk two blocks without hurting has really helped me see a small glimpse of what it must be like for all the shut-ins I visit. As whiny as this entry is, I do feel grateful for this chance to gain some perspective. A little neuroma is nothing compared to what so many in our world face day in and day out with nothing that will ease their pain.

So, here's to hoping my next entry will be a neuroma free one! I should find out this week when surgery is, and will be sure to let you know.

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