Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Trip and the Troublemaker

Well, Melancthon was actually a troublemaker before the trip! Last week, this sweet, innocent looking kitty decided to sneak out when I was trying to bring in boxes. Surprisingly, however, I did not discover he was gone till the next day! Katy, my other angel, was going crazy running from window to window crying. Finally I realized Mel was not at my heels, and then the panic set in. After a few hours, a missed meeting, and several tears, he decided the rain that was starting to come down was not appealing and came home. He had no voice, but he was home!

It amazed me how emotional I became when he disappeared. I think it stems from the fact he became a part of my life during such a rough time of transition. Moving cross country, beginning a four year Master's program (a seminary no less), and all the growing up that came with it made him my little family. Plus, he has the personality of no cat I have ever met (sorry Katy!). He is too cute and such a loud, codependent kitty. Such a baby!

This morning I arrived back in Pennsylvania after six days with my family in Seattle. It was wonderful to be completely spoiled with home-cooked meals, my puppy, and of course being surrounded by family. I am really looking forward to having some of them out for Christmas this year. It is strange to think that I will be hosting Christmas! Wow, how life changes...

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